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Teaching CRT?
Conversations about Race in the Classroom

We at Better Questions have a strong belief in amplifying the wisdom of those that surround us. That includes our friends and co-conspirators as much as it includes the deep knowledge of the educators and administrators of which we are fortunate to work alongside (who oftentimes become friends and co-conspirators!). One such inspiring educator is Isabella Droginske, English teacher at Ohio County Public Schools who has generously offered to join us for our upcoming session, “Teaching CRT? Conversations about Race in the Classroom”. During this session, Isabella will share some of the projects and practices she has implemented in her classroom to scaffold conversations and focus necessary attention to discussions of race and gender equity. Her detailed and intentional practices are supported not only by their thorough attention to critical thinking practices but also by how her students have enthusiastically engaged with the materials both classic and contemporary.


Please join Better Questions and Isabella on September 15 from 6:00 - 7:00pm to learn more about critical race pedagogy, how to encourage honest student conversations on racial equity, and how to mindfully approach your own growth alongside young learners in this area.

Join us for this workshop!

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